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Oct. 11th, 2005 06:32 pm

Its about time this drama is over between our 2 groups. I was really never in the drama only connected thru Melita and Bianca. Because they never called me to do anything they would call Melita and she would ask me if i wanted to go and i never really wanted to because i always felt like you know if they cant even call me themselves then why even go, so i am pretty glad i never got attached them as friends. Now that is over with things should be oh so much better.
Its been awhile since i posted lets catch up on things. The My Chemical Romance concert was ok i almost feel asleep in it cuz i wasnt really into it, they are good in all but it was a free show so why pass up on it plus i got to hang out with Miss Liz and Dino, when we decided on a glitter/make-up sleep over which shall be awesome. Oh Dino i cant wait to go shopping for your birthday hehe :)HIPV weekend was awesome those guys are just pure amazing! So was everyone else on the tour ACOP and Halifax did great this time! Coming up is Losers Luck at Melita's and then in Houston, Saturday is Bianca's birthday and we are gonna go out and have a ton of fun! her sister is going to that should be fun.. Oh and lets not forget the 28 is SAWII oh i cant wait i hope its as good as the first. I took my mom to a show at the Rabbit she made me laugh but she had fun and now i know where i get my braveness to walk up to anyone from. I have boyfriend but i am not to sure on the whole situation. I love my friends more than ever, the one from work, school, the ones i have meet from Melita (Liz Dino and Brandy) and my 2 best friends (Melita & Bianca). oh yeah this goes out to whoever it is talkin shit on my LJ this will be the last one you can read cuz after this its friends only and i am gettin rid of a few people so i hope you enjoy it ;)

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Sep. 14th, 2005 10:24 pm The Secrets out....

Well this past weeknd was a freakin blast Melita Bianca and I went up to Dallas to go to my super sweet 16 and it was sooo much fun, we meet some super awesome people Christi and her sister Mandie were so much fun to hang out with, there mom totally rocks, they're cat and dog are the cutest haha cant wait to see them again tomorrow at Trees, i just wish we were able to hang out with them longer. Dallas was crazy we almost died 3 times and ate some really good food while up there...Anyways i feel like shit but i WILL be better by tomorrow. This weekend =HIPV,Venom, swimming at like 1 in the morning at my grandmas house with Melita Bianca Bobby Sarah My sister and Jaylon.... anyways i am off to go lay down need my rest for tomorrow

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Sep. 9th, 2005 12:21 pm Out of here

WEll i am off on a Missy Melita Bianca adventure and i shall be home sometime sunday i think who knows but all i know is its going to be oh so much like it always is whenever we go somewhere....peace out yall :)

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Jul. 1st, 2005 10:15 am

I LOVE LAS VEGAS OH SO MUCH!!!!! right now we are in California and were all getting ready for Warped Tour!!! WE get to see all our favorite bands OVER IT!!!!!!(for me) i cant wait its going to be an amazing day and tomorrow we are gonna go see Hollywood!!!!! all right well i am out of here take care yall!

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Jun. 27th, 2005 10:14 am GOODBYE (for a shortwhile)

Well i am off to CALIFORNIA with Melita and Bianca for 2weeks and it shall be the most amazing trip!!!! Call me if you guys ever want to talk. I'll miss most people but right now i need this more than anything.

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Jun. 13th, 2005 10:31 pm What colors can you wear???

Sex Bracelet Color Codes
Yellow: hugging
Purple: anal sex
Red: sex, coital or oral, lap dance, (alternate meaning: with no condom)
Blue: blow job
Black: sexual intercourse, coital or oral, (alternate meaning: with condom)
Orange: kissing, necking, bare breasts
Green: cunnilingus or outdoor sex
Clear: whatever you want
White: flashing or gay kiss or french kiss
Glow in the Dark: with sex toys
Red & Black: 69
Pink: licking butt or analingus
Silver: fisting
Gold Glitter: make out
brown: toss my salad ie analingus

Well lets put it this way the only colors i CANT wear are Green, Glow in the dark, red & black, Pink, silver and Brown

hahaha i am such a dork but for gosh sakes i am so freakin bored i stay home so my mom doesnt have to be alone and yet she either stays in her room on the computer or on the phone for like 40 hours with her bf to see how long they can stay on the phone...i only do this cuz she doesnt want to be home alone and i will be gone for 2 weeks so whatever...

Nick is only 8 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!
California 2 Weeks away(from today)so pretty much 13 days!!!!!

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Jun. 1st, 2005 06:02 pm A Terrible day

WEll i know i never updated about over it but sooner or later i will maybe just combine it with the show coming up, but anyways these past 2 days have been the worst days of my life, my dog had epilepsy and would go into seizures alot well tuesday morning she went into a seizure for 2 hours and when she came out of that she wasnt awake and they ran test on her and kept her overnight to see if she would be ok in all and not braindead or blind well my mom called me this morning and we had to put her to sleep cuz she was braind dead and didnt respond to anything. She would have been 13 in oct. i am gonna miss her sooooooo freakin much its weird to come home and not be greeted by her, its so much harder than i thought it would be. My mom took a picture of her for me this morning before they did it cuz she didnt want me to go cuz i am a "bigger baby than she is" in my moms words.

title or description

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May. 24th, 2005 02:06 am DAMN!!!!!

Tonight was one of the best nights! I love Over It more and more each time i see them oh sigh Nick is amazing and Pete is awesome....i am tired but more to come tomorrow!

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Apr. 29th, 2005 04:05 am One more day!!!!

One more day till my birthday and it started tonight(well last night. Work was good i mafde 90 bucks for the day which is pretty good since i havent been makin crap lately. After work a few of us went to my friend's house and Gareth gave me my birthday present which was a $70 gift card to Sephora woohoo he's so cute. Oh yeah at work the hott singer guy was talkin to me and was like whats ur name and shook my arm cuz i had lotion on my hands hehe man he is super cute. Now i am at home workin on my essay thats due at 10 lol i really need to shape up. My day is gonna be so fun i go to school, work, then try to find some bottoms for tomorrow night. Amanda is takin me to J.Alexanders yummy. Then the club with my buddies i hope its fun. And sat. my birthday lunch at my grandparents, and then comsmic bowling with my sister rock and gareth (hopefully) buti have a feelin it wont happen but whatever. anyways i off to finish my essay.
One more day and i'll be 20 no longer a teen and 6 more days and no longer a threat of being in trouble hahaha a few of yall will understand!

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Apr. 18th, 2005 09:33 am GRRRR

Man this sucks harcore i feel like shit i think i am getting sick again not to mention girl problems i feel so bad i almost dont want to go tonight but i love this band and can not miss them i hope i feel better soon.

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